Welcome to TheMommaFiles

Welcome to TheMommaFiles! As an educator and now a stay at home mom to my beautiful son, I want to share my passion for education. Education does not stop in the classroom; it continues in the home during the school year, on vacations and throughout the summer. I am going to share my ideas on how to make learning exciting for your children.

When the school year ended, many parents were feeling some anxiety around their children being home all summer. If their child’s teacher made a recommendation that they need to continue the schoolwork over the summer, the anxiety can sometimes elevate to a level of panic. No more fears! I am going to help by suggesting  educational activities to help address these educational needs and maybe even make your child smile while doing it.

Yes, there are many children who go to summer camp, participate in after-school activities or spend time away from home. This is no excuse not to educate your child – it is time that must be carved out, just like bath time, dinner time or TV/computer time. It seems overwhelming at first but I promise you it is not, it just takes some adjustments and some deep breaths!


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